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SL 21/22 -Język Angielski - Konwersacje - 01 webinar "How to prepare your business for scaling up?"

O nagraniu

Things you will learn from this webinar:
✔️ About Michael Krajewski and his businesses
✔️ 8 pillars of a healthy company
✔️ How to regain a work-life balance
✔️ Reliability: Time & Quality
✔️ New business opportunities through merges & acquisitions
✔️ Let your businesses thrive
✔️ Writing procedures
✔️ Planning template

Michael Krajewski is the owner of London-based company – Steelo Ltd. Graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer, but quickly realised that his true passion is building scalable businesses that work without the owner. Helping all the overwhelmed business owners to regain a work-life balance and let their businesses thrive, passionately prepared a course that teaches the business transformation process, which call “Stand Back”.

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